Death (omegaslade) wrote in thinkyourhot911,

If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!"

First Application
Name:Torrence Brooks
Age: 18
Location:Smyrna tennessee
Hobbies: Video games
Sports/Activities: working on cars

Three Favorite Movies and Why:No favorites
Three Favorite Songs: Dare to be stupid .... cause its weird al, tensu no boyfriendo....... cause it sounds nice, halo music cause i liek orchatrsal music
Favorite Disney Movie:none
Three Favorite Books: heaven scent blue adept swell foop
Something random: CHICKEN
Who's your idol and why?: The grim reaper cause hes got a tough job

The first thing you think of....
Ouch: pain
He or she is fricking hot: sweet
Flip: off
Fuzzy: navel
Slinkie: log

Why do you think your hot?: Cause i ahve cool hair
Favorite quote or lyrics: You might be a king or a littel street sweet but sooner or later you all dance with the Reaper
3+ reasonably sized, G-rated, clear pictures of yourself.
You must promote twice and show the link where you did it at:

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