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Hot.. Or.. Not..

Yea.. Were All Bitches

Rating community much?, quite often
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Do you think you have what it takes to be "hot"? Well if you think that you are really hot and you think thjis community is the one for you then you should join! My name is Samantha and my cousin Amnada and I a created this rating community because we are just cool like that. So try to join and promote, promote, promote!

Nothing Sexually related
No racial comments
If you cannot handle being rated, then this is not the community for you!

...For your application
It must be in a lj cut and the cut has to say "hot or not?"
The subject line has to say "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!"
You cannot comment on anyones application except yours until you are stamped
Don't argure with any stamped members or especialy the mods or you will be banned
If you don't get in, don't take it to badly it happens to a lot of us

You can reapply two days after you have ben rejected if you would like
You reapply with the second application
The subect line must read "Please be nice!"
The lj cut should say "Still Hot or Not?"
If you get rejected again just leave and don't come back please!

...Stamped members
Dont just base it on looks we actually do care a litle about other stuff
If you are not going to participate tell us or we will think you are unactive
You can post anything you want, pictures, stories, but mainly pictures, this is a rating community
If one of the applicants is being rude just don't say anything and we will just ban them
Please no nudity
Promote, Promote, Promote
You can promote one of your community's once a week if we get tons of promos and no pictures or applicants tehn we will ban it and it you do it you will be banned!

Think your hot, we'll decide that for you!

The first ten people to join are automatically in but you still need to fill out an application so we can get to know you!

Please Fill out the application.<33

First Application

Three Favorite Movies and Why:
Three Favorite Songs:
Favorite Disney Movie:
Three Favorite Books:
Something random:
Who's your idol and why?:

The first thing you think of....
He or she is fricking hot:

Why do you think your hot?:
Favorite quote or lyrics:
3+ reasonably sized, G-rated, clear pictures of yourself.
You must promote twice and show the link where you did it at:

If you get rejected here is the second application

The Second
What is your favorite clothing store?:
What if your favorite cd of all time?:

What is the frist thing you think of...

What is your maost favorite technology item?:
Why do you think you got rejected?:
What are you going to do to make this community better?:

Three pictures that you think are good and one picture that you know you look horrid in...cause we all have our bad days!


We are your MODS, we make the rules and we don't liek you to break them, so don't!


dont lie you know were hot <3

oh yea frekaing join you stupid ariheads