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If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all!

Name: Katie
Age: 14
Location: Michigannn babay!
Gender: Female and loving it!
Status: Umm.. in a relationship right now! :-D
Hobbies: the computer definetly, basketball, vball, soccer, food! :-P
Sports/Activities: bball, vball, soccer
Fears: spiders and the dark
3 Fave Movies and Why: 10 Things I hate about you.. i love julia stiles... scary movie 3.. its hilarious.. and finding nemo.. that movie is awesome
3 Fave Songs: i go back.. by kenny chesney... pieces of me.. ashlee simpson.. shadow by ashlee simpson
Favorite Disney Movie: FINDING NEMO!
3 Fave Books: Goddess of the Moon #4, The babysitter, tuck everlasting
Something random: umm..... HI
Who's your idol and why?: Christina Aguilera & Ashlee Simpson.. they both have awesome lives and they are soo awesome
What's the first thing you think of?
Ouch: bandaid
He or she is fricking hot: woah
Flip: flop
Fuzzy: wuzzy was a bear
Slinkie: blinkie
Why do you think your hot?: beccause ppl told me before that i am
Favorite quote or lyrics: Let me be your one and only angel!
3+ reasonably sized, G-rated, clear pictures of yourself.  

The midget on the left...

the blonde...

umm the blonde..

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